All Supported Projects

To date, The Evelyn Trust has awarded 364 grants totalling over £24 million.

£10.4 million

There are 150 active grants of £10.4 million.

150 Projects

We are currently supporting 42 medical research projects, 101 health and wellbeing projects and 7 capital projects.

214 Completed

Of the grants which have been completed, 107 were awarded for medical research and 107 were awarded for health and wellbeing projects in the Cambridgeshire area.

Medical research projects, totalling £448,662
  • Using eye tracking as a novel biomarker of remyelination and neuroprotection in people living with multiple sclerosis
  • Systems serology in transplantation: comprehensive profiling of HLA antibodies to stratify immunological risk
  • 7T deuterium metabolic imaging to identify metabolic changes in Alzheimer’s pathology
  • Characterising microglia in human tauopathy post-mortem brains with high-plex spatial protein profiling
  • Latvian Community Association in the UK – Wellbeing support for those affected by the living cost crisis
  • Amicus Trust Ltd – Overcoming homelessness in St Neots, Cambridgeshire & Huntingdon: Managing Mental Health
  • Good Neighbours Rural Peterborough – Good Neighbours Rural Peterborough (GN-RP)
  • Rowan Humberstone – Creativity in ceramics
  • Home-Start Cambridgeshire – Parent-infant therapy project
  • Red2Green – Turning the Red Lights Green
  • Romsey Mill – Support for the mental and emotional wellbeing of autistic children and young people in Cambridgeshire
  • Tom’s Trust – Supporting children with brain tumours within the Addenbrooke’s Hospital catchment area in their transition to adulthood and adult services
  • CHS Group – Corona Community three-year extension project
  • Cambridge Online – Community Youth Programme
  • Access Migrant Support – Healthier connections across Fenland
  • Sara Ireland – Mindcraft therapy intervention in schools
  • Camtrust – Part-time bike mechanic’s salary
  • It Takes a City – The Haven development project – providing a safe space for women at night
  • Cambridge Sustainable Food – Four seasons for a healthy diet
  • Haemochromatosis UK – Delivering step-change in community point-of-care diagnostic test for iron overload In Cambridgeshire
  • Blue Smile – “Worry Warriors”: Develop and pilot psychoeducational groups to support children with anxiety in primary schools
Medical research projects, totalling £818,879
  • Refining and improving the Psychosis Metabolic Risk Calculator (PsyMetRiC): a cardiometabolic risk prediction algorithm for young people with psychosis
  • Developing an assay to determine the pathogenicity of disease-associated variants of GCN2 in pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Wearable optics for metabolic brain monitoring
  • Developing new drugs to treat human cytomegalovirus infection
  • Optimising T-regulatory cell (Treg) expansion conditions for therapeutic use
  • Development of technology for protection of brains cells by eliminating toxic proteins at the intracellular sources of their production
  • Developing new drugs and cellular therapies for bile duct diseases
  • Early pathomechanistic & therapeutic discoveries at single cell resolution in a human ALS/FTD brain organoid model
  • Research Training Fellowship – Molecular interplay of variants in mitochondrial tRNAs and mitochondrial aminoacyl tRNA synthetases shapes the clinical presentations of mitochondrial disease
  • Sir Patrick Sissons Studentship
  • Care Network Cambridgeshire – Project Catalyst (wellbeing support)
  • Anglia Ruskin University – The development and implementation of good practice guidelines for the social prescription of physical activity among those with sight loss
  • Cambridge Junction – Take Two: Red Balloon Learners Centres
  • Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services – Health Xchange
  • Connected Lives – Cambridgeshire Hub expansion
  • Physiotherapy Department, CUH – developing and adapting tai chi for the long-term management of fibromyalgia – a joint NHS- and lay community project
  • Evaluating the Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Staff Mental Health Service
  • National Childbirth Trust – Parents in Mind
  • Cornerstone Care in Confidence – Cornerstone House
  • Wintercomfort for the homeless – Mending Minds – mental health support for the homeless and vulnerably housed in Cambridge
  • Dhiverse – SLIP + Parents
  • Spectrum – Spectrum Play (SEND)
  • The Hackspace – Workshop capacity expansion
  • Kings Hedges Families Support Project – Mental health and wellbeing with KHFSP
  • Sew Positive – Sewcial mending on prescription
  • Latvian Community Association in the UK – Wellbeing together with Ukrainian refugees
  • Illuminate Charity – Illuminate Community Connections
  • Steel Bones – Fitness, wellbeing and advice hubs for amputees in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  • Headway Cambridgeshire – Managing anxiety after a head injury
  • Cambridge Aid – Mental health and financial inclusion during a period of economic crisis
  • Fitness Rush – Community wellness pathway initiative
  • CROPS – CROPS mentoring
  • Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust – SPARKS – Social club for adults with additional needs
  • Cambridge United Community Trust – Mind your Head
  • Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination – Amplifying Artscapers
  • Cogwheel Counselling – Cogwheel Counselling services coordinator project
  • Life Community Trust – Life Money – Money Advice Centre
  • Cambridge Intra-operative MRI and Neurological Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre (C/NATTC)
  • Cambridge Youth Early Support Hub (YESH)
Medical research projects, totalling £749,853
  • Transcriptomic profile of MPZL1 activation and cancer metastasis
  • Human nasal challenge model to define the cellular basis of viral innate immunity
  • Using non-invasive tests to improve the diagnosis of kidney cancer and reduce unnecessary surgery
  • Generation of nerve-supporting cells from skin cells for future transplantation to promote human nerve regeneration
  • Human models for improving treatment of epilepsy in Rett syndrome
  • A lifestyle approach (physical activity and nutrition) to help older people preserve strength, activity and quality of life
  • Mitochondrial DNA damage in the brain
  • SUSTAIN-BRAIN: Succinate supplementation in traumatic acute injury of the brain
  • Scalable cultures for liver cell therapy
  • Research Training Fellowship – Pre-clinical models and clinical biomarkers of therapy-induced senescence in human non-small cell lung cancer
  • Research Training Fellowship – Neutrophil phagosomal and phosphoproteomic responses to a simulated pyogenic environment
  • Jimmy’s – REVIVE: mental health support
  • org – Developing minimum standards for patient education in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy
  • Caring Together – Adult carers’ counselling service
  • Young People’s Counselling Service (YPCS) – Development of YPCS services into Fenland
  • Cambridge Cyrenians – Brighter Futures
  • QTI Coalition of Colour – Communal care – battling mental distress
  • CPSL Mind – University Good Life Project
  • Safe Soulmates – Safe Soulmates
  • Shine – Little Stars – Cambridgeshire
  • Lives Set in Motion – Setting lives in motion quickly: Provision of SnapDragon Mark 2.4 powerchair for use as a loan machine to help clients assess the benefit of a permanent machine
  • Cambridge Re-use – Volunteer training
  • Camtrust – Expanding the bike project
  • National Youth Advocacy Service – Empower: Creating positive change for young girls with mental health issues
  • Cogwheel Counselling – Cogwheel Head of Counselling & Counselling Service Support Assistant project
  • The Cambridge Housing Society Ltd – Corona Community extension project
  • The Laughter Specialists – Laughter connects us all
  • Arts and Minds – Creating healthier communities – developing Arts and Minds’ service provision in East Cambridgeshire through partnership working and co-production with the local community
  • The Rooprai Spinal Trust – Two physiotherapy scholarships
  • Turtle Dove Cambridge – Practical and emotional support to build employability, confidence and resilience for young women and girls in Cambridge
Medical research projects, totalling £1,054,482
  • Obesity related liver disease
  • The effects of age and gender on the transcriptomic signature of mesenchymal stem cells – optimisation for cell-based cartilage therapy
  • Improving the diagnosis of dementia with deuterium metabolic imaging
  • Defining novel drug-targets for autoimmunity
  • A simplifying sound processing strategy in noise on speech perception by adults with cochlear implants
  • Understanding the role of pro-resolving mediators in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • COMET20 – COVID Pneumonitis treated by MesEnchymal Cell Transplantation
  • COVID-19 Immune Phenotyping Programme (CIPP) and COVID National BioResource
  • The EAGLET project (EEG for the diagnosis of neonatal seizures and epilepsy) – funded by The Bradfield Group
  • 20Twenty Productions CIC – “Neurons” family learning project
  • Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum – Improving immigrant and refugee women’s health and wellbeing through mobile arts
  • Rowan Humberstone – New Forest School for adults with a learning disability in Cambridge
  • Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling – Improving mental health services to vulnerable people using new software
  • Cambridge Aid – Practical support for people with mental health problems as a result of COVID-19
  • The Rooprai Spinal Trust – Four Physiotherapy Scholarships
  • Disability Huntingdonshire – Mind Matters
  • Connected Lives – Cambridgeshire Hub
  • Little Miracles – Crisis Management and Resilience – mental health services for families with disabled children
  • Fenland Area Community Enterprise Trust (FACET) – MultiFACETed (new minibus)
  • Brampton Village Hub – Brampton Men’s Shed
  • Cambridge Acorn – therapeutic work
  • Fullscope – Piece of Mind – creative care project
  • Tom’s Trust – Psychological support, Cambridge, for children with brain tumours
  • STARS – STARS child bereavement telephone advisory line
  • Illuminate – Illuminate connections
  • Child Brain Injury Trust – Acquired brain injury support service for the east of England
  • The Sick Children’s Trust – Acorn and Chestnut Houses
  • Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service – Cambridgeshire Digital Partnership
  • Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance – Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance drop in (online and in-person)
  • Blue Smile – Managing change: piloting a new groupwork project for children in Cambridgeshire adjusting to the impacts of the pandemic
  • Disability Peterborough – In-depth casework
  • Latvian Community Association in the UK – Art/craft and book club for wellbeing
  • Versus Arthritis – Living well with arthritis in Cambridgeshire
  • Cogwheel Counselling – Client support project
  • Cambridgeshire Older People’s Enterprise – Talking Together
Medical research projects, totalling £791,737
  • Neuromuscular junction for treatment of Charcot-Marie-Tooth
  • Gene expression in single B cells and the effectiveness of the flu vaccine in older people
  • Use of biomarkers to guide patient management post-radiofrequency ablation in oesophageal neoplasia
  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Understanding the genetic alterations that cause lymphoma
  • Mechanisms of endometrial dysfunction and cancer in obesity
  • ALS/FTD patient-derived mini-brain model
  • Research Training Fellowship – Resolving the trafficking and function of mononuclear phagocyte subsets in psoriatic arthritis
  • St John’s & Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service – Welfare Support Officer Service for Addenbrooke’s
  • CPSL Mind – Mums Matter Courses
  • Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust – Psychological Support Service during COVID-19 pandemic for Addenbrooke’s
  • Wintercomfort for the homeless – Food4Food (van)
  • Nene Valley Care Trust – Funding to expand the brighter futures project
  • Blue Smile – Keeping in Touch support call service
  • Cambridge CAB – IT support for providing remote services
  • Cambridge Family Mediation Service – Providing an online service for CFMS in response to COVID-19
  • Centre33 – Making Centre 33 accessible remotely during COVID-19
  • Cogwheel Trust – COVID-19 response project
  • Disability Huntingdonshire – COVID-19 response project
  • The Edmund Trust – Befriending service for young people with a learning disability
  • Brazleton Centre UK – Thinking about your baby antenatal sessions
  • Time to Talk – Mental health training and book
  • Disability Cambridgeshire – Early intervention caseworker for mental health & autism
  • Talking in Tune – Singing for Breathing
  • Peterborough Citizens Advice – Services at Peterborough Cavell Centre
  • The Laughter Specialists – Laughter & communications matter
  • Arts & Minds – Arts on prescription Cambridge & St Ives
  • Care Network Cambridgeshire – Open Arms Project
  • Rosmini Centre Wisbech – Emergency support during COVID-19
  • Care Network Cambridgeshire – Rapid response service for COVID-19
  • Kings Hedges Family Support Project – KHFSP family support workers
Medical research projects, totalling £476,661
  • Cochlear implant design and stimulation for better hearing
  • Cells defence against viruses such as Dengue and Zika
  • Abnormal blood vessel growth as a predictor of bone death in Gaucher disease
  • Stratified drug repositioning studies
  • Understanding a virus that causes kidney transplant failure
  • Immune signatures of heart transplant rejection
  • Research Training Fellowship – Kidney transplant HLA-specific compatibility and risk
  • Trial Clinical Psychology service for Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients
  • EACH – Replacement wheelchair accessible vehicle for Milton
  • Cambridge CAB – Extension of GP’s Surgeries Advice Service
  • Ormiston Families – Support for children with special educational needs
  • Cambridgeshire Hearing Help – volunteer community leaders
  • Deafblind UK – Companions Service for deafblind people in Cambridgeshire
  • No Gain No Pain – Supply of syringe drivers to community health teams
  • Spectrum Cambridge – Spectrum coverage worker
  • Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre – BAM4change project – Doula services for vulnerable women
  • Disability Information Service Huntingdonshire – benefits advice, guidance and advocacy
  • PoetsIN – mental health in the community
  • Cambridge Re-use – customer support coordinator
  • YOPEY – dementia befriender
  • Cambridge Junction – Pilgrim PRU film-making project
  • CHS group – remodelling 120 Mill Road
  • Romsey Mill – Support for young fathers
  • Teapot Trust – art therapy in paediatric rheumatology at Addenbrooke’s
  • Magpas – Magpas Air Ambulance Operations Base and Evelyn Training Centre


Medical research projects, totalling £583,110
  • The role of somatic mutations in dementia
  • Analysis of the brain’s network in dementia
  • Transmission of staphylococcus in schools
  • Cryotherapy of peripheral retina and visual function
  • Variable decline in Insulin-producing cells in type-1 diabetes
  • Purchase of Qiagen Q-PCR and robotic liquid handling for a new HODS service
  • Understanding tissue-degrading virulence factors
  • Research Training Fellowship – Palliative care for frail older people
  • Red2Green – Support for mental health
  • Centre 33 – 15-20 mental health outreach project
  • Blue Smile, Cambridge Family Mediation Service and Relate – Stronger Families, building resilience
  • Centre 33 – Pilot in secondary schools
  • Stars – Pre-bereavement counselling support project
  • Arthur Rank – A Hospice at Home day service in Fenland
  • Cambridgeshire Deaf Association – Funding of video equipment
  • Maggie’s Wallace – Arts and therapy support for young people
  • Cambridge Central Aid Society – Financial support for Cambridge residents in crisis
  • Eddie’s – Expanding family support service to East Cambridgeshire and Fenland
  • Cruse Bereavement Care – Volunteers to support the Fenland community
  • 20Twenty Productions – Carers’ Trust Cambridgeshire app development
  • Cambridge Community Arts – Fenland Community Arts Project
  • Waterbeach Parish Council – Beaches Community Warden scheme
  • The Roopral Spinal Trust – Activity-based physiotherapy for spinal cord injury
  • Cambridge Acorn – Tetris video game
  • Romsey Mill – Young fathers’ worker


Medical research projects, totalling £774,935
  • Brain inflammation in early dementia in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Kidney preservation by warm perfusion
  • A pilot to evaluate a local service for doctors with mental ill-health
  • Mitochondria research equipment
  • Sir Patrick Sissons Evelyn Trust Research Fellowship
  • Prostate cancer predictive tool
  • SAMHD1, mitochondria and immune signalling
  • Early identification of neonatal stroke
  • Summer research studentships
  • The role of pressure slope during mechanical ventilation in preterm babies
  • Research Training Fellowship – Metabolic consequences of GI surgery
  • Little Miracles – Counselling for parents of children with disabilities
  • Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureau – Pilot project with GP surgeries to provide an outreach service
  • Rosmini Centre Wisbech – Volunteer project for vulnerable people mainly in migrant communities
  • Home-Start – Family mental health support
  • Cambridge Community Foundation – Healthy Fenland Fund
  • Cambridge Rare Diseases Network – Support for CEO salary
  • Cambridge & District Volunteer Centre – Support for volunteer coordinator
  • Hope into Action – expansion


Medical research projects, totalling £603,956
  • Telemedicine follow up for stroke outpatients
  • Development of the ‘Human Mini-Gut Model’ – a novel system to study Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Bedside measurement of brain activity in vegetative and minimally conscious patients
  • Novel imaging of brain metabolism following stroke
  • Exploring DNA sequence changes in a gene causing stroke
  • HIV latency – the barrier to a cure for HIV
  • A novel imaging method for the prostate gland to distinguish areas of prostate cancer
  • Imaging of malignant brain tumours using novel magnetic resonance techniques
  • Research Training Fellowship – Regulation of cell surface receptors by the pulmonary hypoxic response
  • Hildersham Parochial Church Council – Parish nurse
  • Maggie’s Wallace Centre – Courses for survivors of cancer
  • Illuminate – Developing a social enterprise arm for Illuminate
  • One Voice 4 Travellers – Working with families in the Traveller and Gypsy communities who have drug and alcohol abuse problems
  • Cambridge Family Mediation Service, Blue Smile and Relate – Joint project to develop, run and evaluate early intervention group work for disadvantaged children
  • Wintercomfort – Renovations to homeless day centre
  • Care Network Cambridgeshire – Introducing older and isolated people in Cambridgeshire to community and health services
  • Cambridge City Family Social Enterprise – Project manager for proposed Family Social Enterprise providing early intervention for families in Cambridge
  • Cambridge Acorn Project – New model of therapeutic social work
  • Illuminate – Training for anxiety management


Medical research projects, totalling £570,028
  • Translational approaches to surgery using stromal / stem cells
  • Genetics of prognosis in Crohn’s disease
  • Gut health in critically ill children
  • Kidney transplant compatibility and organ allocation
  • RECORD-pain – internet-based system to record pain and measure impairment of physical activity
  • Developing services to help stroke survivors return to work
  • Ageing and the response to vaccination
  • Research Training Fellowship – Novel obesity related mutations in GPR10
  • Tom’s Trust – Support for clinical psychologist
  • Cam Health Local Commissioning Group – Long-term conditions prevention project
  • Young People March – Drop-in project for 16-25-year-olds
  • Home-Start Cambridgeshire – Mental health first aid training project
  • Illuminate – Programme for unemployed with mental health issues
  • Arthur Rank Hospice Charity – Day Centre at new hospice


Medical research projects, totalling £740,691
  • Extracellular RNAs in neuro-immune interactions
  • Anti-oxidant therapy after renal transplants
  • Non-invasive kidney imaging
  • Link between Parkinson’s and Gaucher diseases
  • Microbial triggers for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Pituitary tumours
  • Research Training Fellowship – Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
  • Cambridge Association to Commission Health – Family mental health needs
  • The Cogwheel Trust – Development of counsellor volunteering programme
  • Cambridgeshire Music – Music therapy for children with autism

Cambridgeshire Hearing Help – Session supervisor to support Fenland service

  • Evelyn Cambridge Surgical Training Centre
  • Evelyn Research Endoscopy Suite


Medical research projects, totalling £524,811
  • Fats, liver damage and diabetes
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease in children
  • Gene studies for Huntington’s disease
  • Summer research studentships
  • New tests for dementia
  • Research Training Fellowship – Acute kidney injury
  • Research Training Fellowship – Hormone markers for thyroid treatment

Fledglings – Cambridgeshire outreach expansion

  • The Sick Children’s Trust – construction of family bedroom within the new Rosie Hospital extension
  • Centre 33 – refurbishment of Centre

Our Grants...

The Evelyn Trust is a grant-making charity supporting medical research and health & wellbeing projects in Cambridgeshire.

Each year we make grants of up-to £250,000 totalling between £500,000 and about £1.5 million.
Except for our small grants programme, our annual application deadline is 30 November.

Medical Research Grants

The Evelyn Trust seeks to support medical research and health as well as well-being projects in Cambridgeshire.

Health and Wellbeing Grants

We are interested in healthcare projects that support and inform population health and wellbeing in Cambridgeshire.

Small Health and Wellbeing Grants

We recognise that Cambridgeshire has many smaller charities for which grants of less than £10,000 can be meaningful and important.