Supported projects

Supported projects

The Evelyn Trust has awarded 180 grants totalling over £15.5 million. There are 62 active grants of over £5.2 million.

We are currently supporting 33 medical research projects and 29 health and wellbeing projects. Of the grants which have been completed 70 were awarded for medical research and 48 were awarded for health and wellbeing projects in the Cambridge area.


2017/18 The following grants were made, totalling £921,460

  • Centre 33 to run a mental health project for 15 to 20 year olds
  • Red2Green supporting a mental health project
  • for research into the role of somatic mutations in dementia
  • for analysis of the brain’s network in dementia
  • to study the transmission of Staphylococcus in schools
  • a collaboration between Blue Smile, Cambridge Family Mediation Service and Relate to support families
  • for research into cryotherapy of peripheral retina and visual function
  • Stars Children’s Bereavement Support Services for a bereavement support service
  • Arthur Rank Hospice Charity for a hospice at home day service in Fenland
  • a collaboration between Hey Cambridge! and Centre 33 for a pilot mental health service in secondary schools
  • for research into variable decline in insulin-producing cells in Type 1 Diabetes
  • to purchase equipment for research into Leukaemia    
  • for research into tissue-degrading virulence factors 
  • Waterbeach Parish Council for a community warden scheme
  • Eddie’s for expanding a family support service to East Cambs and Fenland
  • Cambridge Central Aid Society to provide support for people with health needs
  • a Cambridge Evelyn Research Training Fellowship researching into palliative care for frail older people 

2016/17 The following grants were made, totalling £1,026,419

  • Rosmini Centre in Wisbech for a project to support families
  • Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureau to run a pilot information service in GP surgeries
  • for research into brain inflammation in early dementia in Parkinson’s Disease
  • funding three years of Summer Studentships
  • to develop a predictive tool for Prostate Cancer
  • Home-Start Cambridgeshire to support families with mental health needs
  • for research into SAMHD1,Mitochondria and Immune Signalling
  • to purchase mitochondrial research equipment
  • enabling the commencement of a doctors’ support service
  • for research into normothermic kidney transplant preservation
  • for research into mechanical ventilation alteration in preterm babies
  • for a neonatal stroke imaging study
  • Little Miracles for the provision of counselling and talking therapies
  • Cambridge Community Foundation for the Healthy Fenland Fund
  • Hope into Action to enable expansion of their services
  • Cambridge Rare Diseases Network supporting the role of Chief Executive
  • Cambridge Volunteer Centre for a supported volunteering scheme
  • a Cambridge Evelyn Research Training Fellowship researching metabolic consequences of GI Surgery
  • the Sir Patrick Sissons Evelyn Trust Post Doctoral Fellowship in immunology, inflammation and infectious disease

2015/16 The following grants were made, totalling £ 860,500

  • a telemedicine follow up service for outpatients with a rare form of stroke
  • a collaborative project by Cambridge Family Mediation Service, Blue Smile and Relate to develop an early intervention group for disadvantaged children
  • One Voice for Travellers working with Gypsy and Traveller families to help young people with drug and alcohol abuse
  • for research into the bedside measurement of brain activity in vegetative and minimally conscious patients
  • Hildersham Parochial Church Council for a Parish Nurse
  • renovations to a homeless day centre by Wintercomfort
  • for research into DNA sequence changes in a gene causing stroke
  • a project manager for Cambridge City Family Social Enterprise
  • for research into the detection of HIV latency
  • for research into the imaging of malignant brain tumours
  • for research into the imaging of brain metabolism  after a stroke
  • for research into the ‘human mini gut model’
  • for research into imaging to distinguish areas of prostate cancer
  • a course by Maggie’s Wallace for survivors of cancer
  • Care Network Cambridgeshire for a scheme to introduce older and isolated people to community and health services
  • Training for Anxiety Management by Illuminate
  • an Evelyn Trust Clinical Research Fellowship in Perinatal Neuroscience
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship into the regulation of cell surface receptors by the pulmonary hypoxic response
  • The Acorn Project for developing a new model of social work
  • The Meadows Children and Family Wing funding a training programme

2014/15 The following grants were made, totalling £ 1.18m 

  • support for a clinical psychologist for Tom’s Trust
  • Arthur Rank Hospice Charity for a Day Centre at a new hospice
  • for research into Crohn’s Disease
  • for research into gut health in critically ill children
  • for research into ageing and the response to vaccination
  • for research into kidney transplant compatability and organ allocation
  • for development of an electronic pain recording system for patients
  • for developing services to help stroke survivors return to work
  • for research into approaches to surgery using stromal/stem cells
  • for a long term conditions prevention project at a GP practice
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship into the genetics of obesity
  • an Evelyn Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship in Perinatal Neuroscience
  • to Home-Start Cambridgeshire for a mental health first aid training project
  • to Young People March for a drop in project for 16 to 25 year olds 
  • to Illuminate for a programme for unemployed people with mental health issues

2013/14 The following grants were made, totalling £ 2.59 million

  • The Evelyn Cambridge Surgical Training Centre
  • The Evelyn Research Endoscopy Suite
  • for research into extra cellular RNAs in neuro-immune interactions
  • for research into anti-oxidant therapy after renal transplantation
  • for research into links between Parkinson’s and Gaucher Disease
  • for research into microbial triggers of inflammatory bowel disease
  • for research into imaging non-invasively to diagnose kidney injury
  • for research into the suppression of the pituitary to detect small tumours
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship for research into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • an Evelyn Trust Clinical Research Fellowship in Perinatal Neuroscience
  • to The Cogwheel Trust for the development of a volunteer counselling programme
  • to Cambridge Hearing Help for a Session Supervisor to support the Fenland Service
  • to CATCH for a proposed social enterprise to support family mental health needs in Cambridge
  • to Cambridgeshire Music for music therapy for children with autism

2012/13 The following grants were made, totalling £ 590,000

  • for research into inflammatory bowel disease in children
  • for summer studentships
  • for research into new tests for dementia
  • for gene studies for Huntingdon's disease
  • for research into fats, liver damage and diabetes
  • to Centre 33 for refurbishment of the centre
  • to Fledglings for Cambridgeshire expansion
  • to The Sick Children's Trust for the construction of a family bedroom in Chestnut House at the Rosie Hospital
  • two Evelyn Trust Training Fellowships were awarded for an acute kidney injury study and research into hormone markers for thyroid treatment.

2011/12 The following grants were made, totalling £ 562,000

  • for research into womb stretch
  • for research into stem cells for lung disease
  • for research into anca-associated vasculitis
  • for research into an oesophageal squamous cell cancer test
  • for research into glucose control in very pre term infants
  • for palliative care
  • to Cambridge Family Mediation Service for expansion of mediation presence in court
  • to Arts and Minds for ‘Arts on Prescription’ for adults with anxiety and depression The Laughter Specialists for a programme of entertainment for children in hospital
  • to The Sick Children's Trust to provide furniture for a bedroom in Chestnut House at the Rosie Hospital
  • for an AutoMACS Classic Cell Separator
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship was also awarded for research into hip osteoarthritis 

2010/2011 The following grants were made, totalling £ 577,000

  • for research into insulin resistance in obese people
  • for core equipment for cell biology research
  • for research into Marfan Syndrome
  • for a flow cytometer for human immunology
  • for research into brain cancer
  • for research into brain repair after alemtuzumeb treatment of MS
  • for further research into peanut allergy
  • to The Wallace Foundation for cancer care
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship was also awarded for research into the development of novel therapeutics for inhibiting HIV replication  

2009/10 The following grants were made, totalling £ 1.65 million

  • for the Rosie Hospital Campaign
  • for research into diabetes in pregnancy
  • for the creation of a translational research laboratory for haematological disorders
  • for research into fracture risk and bone health
  • for research into monitoring the control of blood flow to the brain of premature babies
  • for research into the selection of tissue markers in the treatment of prostate cancer
  • for research into the role of inflammation and abnormal blood vessels in abnormal aortic aneurysm
  • to Cambridge Family Mediation Service for resolution of family disputes
  • to Anglia Ruskin University for instrumentation and software for a visual function assessment suite
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship was also awarded for research into the response of macrophages to non-tuberculous mycobacteria

2008/9 The following grants were made, totalling £ 2.0 million

  • for research into learning disability in children
  • for research into measurement of fats in liver
  • for research into obesity
  • for research into adolescent depression
  • for research into peanut allergy
  • for research into premature birth
  • to Lifecraft for mental health support
  • Establishing The Evelyn Neuro-Rehabilitation Project: a collaborative venture between Addenbrooke's, the University, the PCT, Oliver Zangwill Centre and Headway for community based neuro-rehabilitation
  • support for medical students on summer studentships
  • to Teenage Cancer Trust for the cancer unit for teenagers at Addenbrooke’s 
  • an Evelyn Trust Training Fellowship was also awarded for research into the prediction of rejection episodes following kidney transplantation

2007/8 The following grants were made, totalling £1.1 million

  • for research into pre-eclampsia
  • for research into who may be affected by fetomaternal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
  • for research into bone marrow stem cells in MS patients
  • for research into the prediction of heart attacks
  • for research into the storing and preparing of transplant organs
  • for research into bringing engineering skills to clinical needs
  • for research into intrasex disorders
  • for research into statistical analysis of livers for transplantation
  • for research into rheumatoid arthritis
  • to Cambridge Mental Welfare Association for the extension of day services
  • to Huntingdonshire's Children's Charity for a play area and parents’ roomto The Cogwheel Trust for their ‘Transforming Lives’ project and support for community counselling resources

2006/7 The following applications were supported for a total of £1.0 million   

  • for research into better blood pressure control and reduction in drug usage
  • for equipment for study to improve clinical outcomes for patients with autoimmune diseases
  • Fitzwilliam College for renovating and equipping medical teaching rooms
  • for trials of cognition enhancing drugs for patients with head injuries
  • for research into use of glucosamine in restoring protective responses to low blood glucose in diabetics
  • for generation of human embryonic stem cells for clinical use and further therapeutic applications
  • for palliative care
  • for research into treatment of bronchiectasis
  • for increasing supply of human lungs for transplant by ex-vivo lung perfusion
  • for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis genetics research
  • Alzheimer's Society to support new outworkers

2005/6 The following applications were supported for a total of £780,000

  • for research into possibilities of resuscitation of a non heart beating donor heart sufficiently for clinical transplantation
  • for procurement of a de Vinci machine and laparoscopic robotic surgery for treatment of prostate cancer
  • The Mary Wallace Foundation for training Addenbrooke’s cancer patients or their carers in self-help techniques of manual lymphatic drainage.
  • Cambridge-Yale Cardiovascular Research Programme for research projects jointly with Yale for the better treatment of cardiovascular injury and disease
  • for research into immune response to papillomavirus in women with cervical neoplasia
  • for placebo-controlled clinical trial of treatment with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis
  • to Hope Nursing Home for a new wheelchair ambulance
  • for funding pilot study of patients with head injury
  • for research into retina detachment
  • Cambridge Family Mediation Service for counselling and support to separating couples and their families

2004/5 and earlier - the following applications were supported for a total of £740,000 

  • for children’s services at Addenbrooke's
  • Sick Children’s Trust for Acorn House extension at Addenbrooke's
  • Mary Wallace Foundation for cancer counselling at Addenbrooke’s
  •  for brain tumour imaging equipment
  • The Cogwheel Trust for community counselling
  • for a Breast Cancer Research Unit at Addenbrooke’s
  • for research into functional & molecular characterisation of serotonin receptors in human myometrium
  • University of Cambridge Counselling Service to improve access to counselling support by training students in counselling skills

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