Focus on eye disease

Focus on eye disease

Anglia Ruskin University’s Department of Vision and Hearing Sciences received our support to establish a sophisticated vision testing unit which promises benefits to future generations of optometrists as well as to the community

The Evelyn Trust Anglia Vision Suite enables the department to carry out significant new research programmes into vision sciences and provides the equipment needed to teach clinical science to optometrists, who are becoming increasingly involved in detecting and managing eye disease.

The unit hosts two main activities:

  • Visual electrophysiological testing used to support the diagnosis of ocular disorders by recording electrical activity from the eye and visual pathways including the visual cortex;
  • Psychophysical assessment of vision, analysing colour perception and spatial vision, which is vital for monitoring eye disease and checking the visual acuity of people in specialist jobs such as aviation and the military.

Equipment funded by the trust is being used to design and perform studies comparing vision measurements under different display conditions. The results may help to improve the detection of visual disorders, as encouragingly reported at a recent meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology.

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