Bone engineering

Bone engineering

A number of projects we have supported bring together engineers and clinicians with the aim of applying engineering research and techniques to clinical medicine.

The trust contributed a major part of the funding for the first Evelyn Trust Lecturer for Engineering in Clinical Practice, with follow-on grants to support research grants for engineers and clinicians.  Achievements include:

The use of mechanical modelling to guide brain surgeons how to relieve brain pressure in serious head injuries.  In extreme cases, the surgeon will temporarily remove a section of skull to reduce the build-up. Mechanical modelling and image analysis can help to work out the ideal amount of skull for removal.

A new technique for predicting the breakability of bones. CT scanners are being used to identify individual bones with a high risk of fracture and to monitor just how effective are new bone strengthening drugs and techniques. This work could bring better treatment of osteoporosis, a problem for one in two women and one in five men over 50 in the UK.

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