The art of improving mental health

The art of improving mental health

Arts on Prescription is a project comprising a series of art workshops to enable people with mental health problems to carry out creative activities with the assistance of professional artists and counsellors.


The programme is managed by Arts and Minds, the Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation for the Arts and Mental Health. It includes people of all ages and with all forms of mental health difficulties, to whom it offers participation in the arts as rehabilitation as well as a way to prevent mental health problems.

From humble beginnings, Arts and Minds has developed in recent years into a well established charity with an office and workshop in central Cambridge. With the trust’s help, it has further built on a track record of developing new and effective ways of delivering arts projects to users of mental health services.

There is increasing evidence that arts activities promote mental well being. In the words of one participant, Alison: “I do believe art can help everyone. It’s not about being able to draw; it is about having fun, meeting people, not being stressed and being taken to a place where you can feel free and comfortable.”

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