Application guidelines

Application guidelines - Health and Wellbeing grants

The Evelyn Trust awards grants for health and wellbeing projects that fit the following criteria:
  • Projects that are in line with areas of focus for support based on studies which have  identified  areas of need in Cambridgeshire, including mental health, care for the elderly and community health projects.
  • Medical support staff and teams that aim to have a transformational impact and are innovative, including support in the home
  • Capital Projects including awards towards the cost of new buildings or extensions or for the renovation of existing buildings, as well as contributions towards the cost of new capital equipment
  • Support to maintain the delivery of a service where funding or delivery method has been impacted by COVID-19 

Outcomes might include:

  • the creation of new delivery mechanisms, including online approaches to service delivery
  • a pilot or demonstration project for new approaches
  • evidence for working in new or different ways e.g. by building new partnerships or delivering a service differently
  • expansion into different geographical areas or growth of a service, especially into East Cambridgeshire or the Fens
  • prevention work that aims to reduce the need for more acute services at a later stage
  • improvements in wellbeing, mental health, physical health measures and/or reductions in GP visits or hospital admissions

Applications for grants will be considered to support the work of charities that have a mission and purpose that coincides with the objects of the Trust, including charities that support individuals.


The Trustees do not make grants for:

  • general funds, non-specific appeals, endowment funds, conduit organisations or appeals by circular
  • organisations or projects based outside Cambridgeshire
  • individuals
  • the purchase of land
  • causes with a strong political association