Trevor Baglin

Trevor Baglin

Trevor Baglin

Dr Trevor Baglin is a relatively new recruit to the Board of Trustees, but a quick glance at Trevor’s CV makes it clear why he is the right man for the role. With a respected career as a Consultant Haematologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where he was also Director of Investigative Sciences, his lifelong passion for research has delivered important breakthroughs. His main research interests were in personalised risk profiling, developed from studying the interaction between genes and environment that lead to thrombosis and the molecular basis of blood coagulation. This led to an interest in drug discovery and development. He has published more than 300 clinical and scientific papers and led the production of many national and international clinical guidelines. Over the last ten years, Trevor has played a leading role in a series of biotech start-up companies, working on drug developments to treat a range of serious conditions.

His business expertise, combined with long experience of research, has taken Trevor more recently into a role as a Venture Partner with Medicxi, the investment firm focused on the life sciences sector.

 “Because of my background in medical research in Cambridge, I have long been familiar with the role of the Evelyn Trust in providing vital funding to new ideas and young researchers. I am really enthusiastic about my role as a trustee and I can identify and empathise with young researchers, who can find it immensely difficult to secure their first grant funding. I’m keen to play my part in forwarding the work of the next generation of rising stars in the field of medical research,” explains Trevor, who now chairs the Medical Grants Committee for the Trust.

Trevor’s combined clinical and research expertise is in demand. He was previously a trustee of the Leukemia Research Trust, which funded important research into the many types of blood cancers and of the British Journal of Haematology Research Trust. He also served as President of the British Society for Haematology and President of the British Society for Haemostasis and Thrombosis.

After 35 years as a clinician Trevor has left clinical practice to focus on his portfolio of biotech companies and his role as a member of the investment team at Medicxi. He is now also able to spend more time with his children, grandchildren and his wife, also recently retired from a career as a consultant nurse in the NHS. 

“I can find time these days for golf, tennis and table tennis. The winter evenings are also a good time for me to get back to my electric guitar and my home studio. Maybe I’ll get round to recording another album under my pseudonym Mallory Vice.”