Amy Agnew

Amy Agnew

Amy Agnew

Amy Agnew has been enthusiastically involved with the work of the Evelyn Trust for the last eight years as a trustee working alongside her father Julian Agnew.

Although originally drawn to the work of the Trust because of her family’s longstanding involvement, Amy quickly found that the Evelyn Trust’s funding of community health and wellbeing projects resonated with her lifetime interests in equality for all, the eradication of poverty and human rights.

She has been in strong support of the increasing number of grants that the Trust has been making to health and wellbeing initiatives in Cambridgeshire, recognising that although Cambridge city has a largely affluent population, there are pockets of real deprivation both in the city and around the county. In these marginalised communities, the Evelyn Trust can make a real difference, often with very moderate grant funding. Projects that help people with mental illness, travellers, migrant populations and that improve the wellbeing of elderly people, have attracted Amy’s energetic support.

Amy is passionate in defence of the disadvantaged and marginalised around the world. She worked for Amnesty International on human rights issues in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda and later became Head of Campaigns for Save the Children. In this high profile role, Amy was responsible for mobilising the public in support of policy change in the UK and abroad, with a focus on the prevention of child mortality. She has used that invaluable campaigning experience to assist the Evelyn Trust, particularly with advice on digital marketing, communications, engagement and the potential of social media.

In recent years the Evelyn Trust has become more strategic in its approach to community health and welfare, working to identify where funding is most needed and where there are gaps in provision. Amy and her father have been strongly in support of this local focus which complements the high profile funding for ground-breaking clinical research for which the Evelyn Trust is well known.

Amy lives in London with her family and has recently made a professional move to join Global Citizen, an organisation that encourages online and social media campaigning to tackle the world’s most challenging issues. Global Citizens are active on a very wide range of campaigns, fighting hunger, promoting education, improving water supplies and sanitation, speaking out on women’s equality and tackling global poverty.

You can find out more about Amy’s work and the Global Citizen community at