All supported projects

All supported projects

The Evelyn Trust has awarded 163 grants totalling over £ 14.5 million pounds. There are 48 active grants of over £ 6.5 million.


2015/16 The following grants were made, totalling £860,000

  • a telemedicine follow up service for outpatients with a rare form of stroke
  • a collaborative project by Cambridge Family Mediation Service, Blue Smile and Relate to develop an early intervention group for disadvantaged children
  • One Voice for Travellers working with Gypsy and Traveller families to help young people with drug and alcohol abuse
  • for research into the bedside measurement of brain activity in vegetative and minimally conscious patients
  • Hildersham Parochial Church Council for a Parish Nurse
  • renovations to a homeless day centre by Wintercomfort
  • for research into DNA sequence changes in a gene causing stroke
  • a project manager for Cambridge City Family Social Enterprise
  • for research into the detection of HIV latency
  • for research into the imaging of malignant brain tumours
  • for research into the imaging of brain metabolism after a stroke
  • for research into the ‘human mini gut model’
  • for research into imaging to distinguish areas of prostate cancer
  • a course by Maggie’s Wallace for survivors of cancer
  • Care Network Cambridgeshire for a scheme to introduce older and isolated people to community and health services
  • Training for Anxiety Management by Illuminate
  • an Evelyn Trust Clinical Research Fellowship in Perinatal Neuroscience
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship into the regulation of cell surface receptors by the pulmonary hypoxic response


2014/15 The following grants were made, totalling £1.18m

  • support for a clinical psychologist for Tom’s Trust
  • Arthur Rank Hospice Charity for a Day Centre at a new hospice
  • for research into Crohn’s Disease
  • for research into gut health in critically ill children
  • for research into ageing and the response to vaccination
  • for research into kidney transplant compatability and organ allocation
  • for development of an electronic pain recording system for patients
  • for developing services to help stroke survivors return to work
  • for research into approaches to surgery using stromal/stem cells
  • for a long term conditions prevention project at a GP practice
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship into the genetics of obesity
  • an Evelyn Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship in Perinatal Neuroscience
  • to Home-Start Cambridgeshire for a mental health first aid training project
  • to Young People March for a drop in project for 16 to 25 year olds
  • to Illuminate for a programme for unemployed people with mental health issues


2013/14 The following grants were made, totalling £2.59 million

  • The Evelyn Cambridge Surgical Training Centre
  • The Evelyn Research Endoscopy Suite
  • for research into extra cellular RNAs in neuro-immune interactions
  • for research into anti-oxidant therapy after renal transplantation
  • for research into links between Parkinson’s and Gaucher Disease
  • for research into microbial triggers of inflammatory bowel disease
  • for research into imaging non-invasively to diagnose kidney injury
  • for research into the suppression of the pituitary to detect small tumours
  • an Evelyn Research Training Fellowship for research into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • an Evelyn Trust Clinical Research Fellowship in Perinatal Neuroscience
  • The Cogwheel Trust for the development of a volunteer counselling programme
  • Cambridge Hearing Help for a Session Supervisor to support the Fenland Service
  • CATCH for a proposed social enterprise to support family mental health needs in Cambridge
  • Cambridgeshire Music for music therapy for children with autism


2012/13 The following grants were made, totalling £590,000

  • for research into inflammatory bowel disease in children
  • for summer studentships
  • for research into new tests for dementia
  • for gene studies for Huntingdon's disease
  • for research into fats, liver damage and diabetes
  • Centre 33 for refurbishment of the centre
  • Fledglings for Cambridgeshire expansion
  • The Sick Children's Trust for the construction of a family bedroom in Chestnut House at the Rosie Hospital
  • two Evelyn Trust Training Fellowships were awarded for an acute kidney injury study and research into hormone markers for thyroid treatment.


2011/12 The following grants were made, totalling £562,000

  • for research into womb stretch
  • for research into stem cells for lung disease
  • for research into anca-associated vasculitis
  • for research into an oesophageal squamous cell cancer test
  • for research into glucose control in very pre term infants
  • for palliative care
  • Cambridge Family Mediation Service for expansion of mediation presence in court
  • Arts and Minds for ‘Arts on Prescription’ for adults with anxiety and depression The Laughter Specialists for a programme of entertainment for children in hospital
  • The Sick Children's Trust to provide furniture for a bedroom in Chestnut House at the Rosie Hospital
  • for an AutoMACS Classic Cell Separator
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship was also awarded for research into hip osteoarthritis


2010/2011 The following grants were made, totalling £577,000

  • for research into insulin resistance in obese people
  • for core equipment for cell biology research
  • for research into Marfan Syndrome
  • for a flow cytometer for human immunology
  • for research into brain cancer
  • for research into brain repair after alemtuzumeb treatment of MS
  • for further research into peanut allergy
  • The Wallace Foundation for cancer care
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship was also awarded for research into the development of novel therapeutics for inhibiting HIV replication


2009/10 The following grants were made, totalling £1.65 million

  • for the Rosie Hospital Campaign
  • for research into diabetes in pregnancy
  • for the creation of a translational research laboratory for haematological disorders
  • for research into fracture risk and bone health
  • for research into monitoring the control of blood flow to the brain of premature babies
  • for research into the selection of tissue markers in the treatment of prostate cancer
  • for research into the role of inflammation and abnormal blood vessels in abnormal aortic aneurysm
  • Cambridge Family Mediation Service for resolution of family disputes
  • Anglia Ruskin University for instrumentation and software for a visual function assessment suite
  • an Evelyn Trust Research Training Fellowship was also awarded for research into the response of macrophages to non-tuberculous mycobacteria

2008/9 The following grants were made, totalling £2.0 million

  • for research into learning disability in children
  • for research into measurement of fats in liver
  • for research into obesity
  • for research into adolescent depression
  • for research into peanut allergy
  • for research into premature birth
  • Lifecraft for mental health support
  • The Evelyn Neuro-Rehabilitation Project: a collaborative venture between Addenbrooke's, the University, the PCT, Oliver Zangwill Centre and Headway for community based neuro-rehabilitation
  • support for medical students on summer studentships
  • Teenage Cancer Trust for the cancer unit for teenagers at Addenbrooke’s
  • an Evelyn Trust Training Fellowship was also awarded for research into the prediction of rejection episodes following kidney transplantation


2007/8 The following grants were made, totalling £1.1 million

  • for research into pre-eclampsia
  • for research into who may be affected by fetomaternal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
  • for research into bone marrow stem cells in MS patients
  • for research into the prediction of heart attacks
  • for research into the storing and preparing of transplant organs
  • for research into bringing engineering skills to clinical needs
  • for research into intrasex disorders
  • for research into statistical analysis of livers for transplantation
  • for research into rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cambridge Mental Welfare Association for the extension of day services
  • Huntingdonshire's Children's Charity for a play area and parents’ room
  • The Cogwheel Trust for their ‘Transforming Lives’ project and support for community counselling resources


2006/7 The following applications were supported for a total of £1.0 million

  • for research into better blood pressure control and reduction in drug usage
  • for equipment for study to improve clinical outcomes for patients with autoimmune diseases
  • Fitzwilliam College for renovating and equipping medical teaching rooms
  • for trials of cognition enhancing drugs for patients with head injuries
  • for research into use of glucosamine in restoring protective responses to low blood glucose in diabetics
  • for generation of human embryonic stem cells for clinical use and further therapeutic applications
  • for palliative care
  • for research into treatment of bronchiectasis
  • for increasing supply of human lungs for transplant by ex-vivo lung perfusion
  • for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis genetics research
  • Alzheimer's Society to support new outworkers

2005/6 The following applications were supported for a total of £780,000

  • for research into possibilities of resuscitation of a non heart beating donor heart sufficiently for clinical transplantation
  • for procurement of a de Vinci machine and laparoscopic robotic surgery for treatment of prostate cancer
  • The Mary Wallace Foundation for training Addenbrooke’s cancer patients or their carers in self-help techniques of manual lymphatic drainage.
  • Cambridge-Yale Cardiovascular Research Programme for research projects jointly with Yale for the better treatment of cardiovascular injury and disease
  • for research into immune response to papillomavirus in women with cervical neoplasia
  • for placebo-controlled clinical trial of treatment with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Hope Nursing Home for a new wheelchair ambulance
  • for funding pilot study of patients with head injury
  • for research into retina detachment
  • Cambridge Family Mediation Service for counselling and support to separating couples and their families


2004/5 and earlier - the following applications were supported for a total of £740,000

  • for children’s services at Addenbrooke's
  • Sick Children’s Trust for Acorn House extension at Addenbrooke's
  • Mary Wallace Foundation for cancer counselling at Addenbrooke’s
  •  for brain tumour imaging equipment
  • The Cogwheel Trust for community counselling
  • for a Breast Cancer Research Unit at Addenbrooke’s
  • for research into functional & molecular characterisation of serotonin receptors in human myometrium
  • University of Cambridge Counselling Service to improve access to counselling support by training students in counselling skills

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