How to apply

How to apply - medical grants

Applications must follow the latest application guidelines. Please read this first as it outlines the criteria for potential project approval.

Key dates in application process:

  • 30 November in each year: deadline for submitting application
  • January: the trustees will consider the application at their meeting.
  • Short-listed applicants will be asked to submit a full medical research application with supporting information 
  • 15 March in each year: deadline for submitting full applications for medical research projects
  • The trustees may take advice from a number of sources in making their decisions, for example, medical research applications will be reviewed by the Trust's Medical Advisory Committee and could be sent for peer review
  • June: final decisions on all applications will be made by the trustees
  • End of June: applicants will be notified of the outcome

Applying for a grant

There are two stages in the grant application process:

1. Outline application for a medical research grant

(Please note there are different outline application forms for medical research projects and for health and wellbeing projects.)

  • The outline medical research application form brings together basic information to enable the trustees to confirm whether or not the Evelyn Trust is able to consider the application further. Applications need to be accompanied by a letter from the head of the department applying (or for smaller organisations, of the organisation).
  • Outline applications may be submitted at any time up to a deadline date of 30 November preceding the grant year beginning from, usually, the following July. These are reviewed by Trustees at their January meeting. Applicants will then be notified whether they have been invited to submit a full application or been declined.

Download medical grant application form


Where to send the application

In the first instance, please submit an outline application by email or by post for a grant in the format provided together with the letter from the department head, to:

            The Charity Director at evelyntrust[at]aol[dot]com


            The Evelyn Trust, P O  Box 223, Saffron Walden, Essex CB10 9BP.

     Receipt of this will be acknowledged.

If you are unsure about the status of your application, please check with the Charity Director, Bill Pike.

2. Full application for a grant – more detailed supporting information

  • If the trustees decide they are able to consider the project further, they will invite the completion of a full application form  by 15 March (sent to each such applicant in January) and this requests a detailed explanation of the work to be done, how this will be achieved and the results and outputs that are being sought, as well as more detailed financial information
  • A copy of the ethical approval will be required, as will CVs, lists of publications etc.
  • Also, opportunities to meet to discuss the project may be sought. 
  • Appropriate expert advice is available to the trustees from the Trust’s Medical Advisory Committee, it may be sent for peer review and the applicant may be requested to provide further information as a result of advice so received.
  • Clearly the extent of any such additional information will vary from application to application.  
  • After final consideration of the full applications and Medical Advisory Committee reports, at their June meeting trustees will allocate available funds to the applicants it wishes to support.  
  • Grants should be available to beneficiaries from July or August after detailed grant terms have been signed.

Applicants should be aware that there is a very large demand from applicants for support and, therefore, by no means can all applicants be funded.

Grants are distributed at the Trust’s discretion to selected registered charities, institutions and causes. Its reasoning behind its funding decisions cannot be discussed with applicants.