Application guidelines

Application guidelines - medical grants

The Evelyn Trust awards medical grants for:
  • Clinical research projects - towards the cost of specific, planned and well managed medical research programmes. The Evelyn Trust particularly favours younger or less established researchers and pilot or demonstration projects that have yet to meet the proof of principle required by larger funding bodies.
  • Capital projects - towards the cost of new buildings or extensions or for the renovation of existing buildings, as well as contributions towards the cost of new capital equipment required for a specific purpose.
  • Research Training Fellowships - The Evelyn Trust supports the Cambridge Research Training Fellowship programme and there is a separate application process for this. Please visit and follow the guidance there. Applications are usually invited for these awards in the first quarter of each year.

What we don't support

  • Projects where alternative funding from a non-charitable organisation is available.
  • Research funding for fields already well supported by other charities, including some heart and cancer work.
  • Projects submitted by well established researchers with good funding track records and alternative funding sources.
  • Projects that are submitted by established research charities to raise research funds.
  • Ongoing overheads, administrative or maintenance costs, VAT or professional fees.
  • General funds, non-specific appeals, endowment funds, conduit organisations or appeals by circular.
  • Costs of meetings, conferences, conference fees, exhibitions, concerts, travel, expeditions
  • Organisations based outside the object area.
  • Research that will involve live animals.
  • Individuals.
  • Support on an ongoing basis.
  • The purchase of land.
  • Causes with a strong political association.